Reg Ivory The Last President
Political Thriller

Welcome to my website!  I'm Reg Ivory, author of  The Last President, HeadlessThere Is No President, and Heartless

I spent 35 years in the newspaper industry, most recently in Atlanta with the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association.  I've also lobbied at the state and national levels.  I served in Vietnam as a Navigator-Bombardier aboard a B-52, flying over 100 combat missions and earning eleven Air Medals.  Several of my short stories have been published in national magazines, as well as in college publications.  I have also written the 100 Year history of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association.  Here's a synopsis of my four novels.

Last President CoverLast President

Acting President Rose Akron is in trouble.  She has lost her support in Congress and now the Joint Chiefs are questioning her support for the military and her ability to command.  Joint Chiefs Chairman Clint Courier feels he should take charge now before it’s too late for a country he loves.  Sexy former House Speaker Lucy Jennings sees a way to dump Akron and get the Presidency for herself.  It will take a new Constitutional Amendment and help from her latest loves, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile ISIS’ power in the Middle East under charismatic leader Abu Bakr has grown immensely.  In addition to success on the battlefield, Bakr has employed the world’s leading scientists to develop top secret new weapons in his underground headquarters in the Syrian Desert.  He sees America’s weakness and indecision and plans to attack and destroy the leading nations of the world.  He will settle for nothing less than total Islamic victory even if it means destroying himself, his army and possibly the world.  Prophetic?  While this novel is fiction, it is based on many months of research and personal interviews.  Read it and make up your own mind!


HEARTLESS is the second in a detective/murder mystery series featuring Homes Kinny and Jack Novak.  They are based in Roswell/Alpharetta, Georgia, and most of the action takes place there.  This novel tells the story of a murderer with no name and no history who kills for no apparent reason.  The Chapter One excerpt on this page will give you some idea what our two detetive friends are up against.  I'm very pleased with this book because it delves deeply into the mind of a psychotic murderer and also deals with the critical issues of abortion and mercy killing. 

Here's a synopsis:

Atlanta detective Jack Novak is about to face the toughest case of his career-and possibly the most dangerous. First, though, he's got to get his head on straight, with the help of attractive psychiatrist Laura Benjamin. Does Jack have a crush on her? Of course not. Is he lying to himself? Maybe. His "treatment" is put on hold when he's called into a murder case.

Jack thinks the murderer has to be a sick bastard. He must like pain, but he also must be brilliant, as this killer leaves no clues. Jack has nowhere to start, but, hey, that's never stopped him before. He's a great investigator, and he'll stop this monster, no matter the cost, even if Jack is a little strung out from his last few cases.

Soon, the murderer makes his connection to Jack. Things take a tragically personal turn, and Jack's mind is more screwed up than ever. Still, the psycho killer known as Kennedy won't get away, especially not now that he's threatened people Jack loves. What does it take to catch a monster? As Jack finds, he might have to do something monstrous."




Headless is a modern day detective/ murder mystery based in Atlanta and the Roswell/Alpharetta neighborhoods.  You'll recognize many local restaurants, neighborhoods and people.  It is a fast read and I hope you enjoy.  Here's a look at what's happening in Headless.

"When the lovely Carol Chambers asks Atlanta detective Jack Novak to investigate the two-year-old murder of her husband, Novak  is  more interested in her than in solving a very cold case. Her husband, Don, was found decapitated, and the police never named a suspect. But there’s something she never told the police: apparently, Don was a B-52 pilot in Cambodia during the Vietnam War—and while overseas he came upon forbidden treasure.

Don and his crew found hundreds of precious stones in a temple guarded by a strange and sadistic Buddhist sect. The crew escaped with the stones and their lives, although several monks were murdered in the process. Carol believes the precious stones have something to do with Don’s death; in fact, she thinks the monks have returned for revenge on Don and the rest of his crew.
The case piques Novak’s curiosity, especially when Carol promises him a share in the stones if he solves the case. When things get hairy, though, Novak realizes this is no game; his life is in serious danger, and if he’s not careful, he’ll end up as another headless corpse."

There Is No President


 This is a political thriller based on a very real and dangerous situation that really exists in our Constitution.  The 20th Amendment tries to deal with a situation where a president and vice president-elect die before taking office.  Article 3 actually gives the Congress power to select anyone they want to be President, in any way they choose.  No, it's not automatically the Speaker of the House.  That only applies to a sitting President and Vice President.  Can you imagine what would happen now if this situation occurred after the next presidential election?  We have a Congress that is affectively stalemated on every critical issue.  How could they possibly agree on the selection of an "Acting President" to serve until the next election?


That's the whole premise of There Is No President.  I can promise you it is an exciting and intriguing story, filled with Washington politics at its best — and worst.  You'll be surprised and alarmed at the actions of a lame duck President, a newly-elected House and Senate, a Supreme Court Chief Justice, a sexy Speaker of the House, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as they vie for power while the January 20 swearing-in deadline draws nearer and . . . There Is No President.  Oh, and just to keep things interesting, I've thrown in an insane Middle East dictator who thinks this might just be the time to attack our nation's vital interests around the world.  A sequel is being written as you read this!


There Is No President is another quick read in novella size and available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other booksellers.  Enjoy!